Keep webhook URL on import

We have n8n deployed to multiple remote (no internet) locations. We create n8n workflows with webhook triggers locally and like to deploy them to the remote locations.

The problem is that each remote location will have a different n8n webhook url after import of the workflow. So we need to specify a different webhook endpoint url in every app. We would like to copy/transfer a n8n workflow with a static webhook url.



  • Keep the webhook url on import if it is not in use
  • Let the user create named webhook urls if he likes to keep the url consistent across instances

I can see how that could be helpful and needed for some use-cases.

That would mean however that it would have to work totally different and incompatible with the current way. As right now the workflow-id is part of the webhook-URL.
So one way to make that work would be to add some kind of “Webhook URL Mode” that people can set the “full” webhook path (so everything past “webhoook/”). The default would be the old behavior (so nothing would break) and people could optionally set it to the other “mode” if needed.