Lemlist node - send additional fields

I am using the Lemlist node to query the API. I would like to send data from Airtable into a Lemlist campaign.

The Lemlist node in n8n lets you set data for name, company and email but I can’t send additional info like a LinkedIn profile or company domain. Is there any way I can do this with the Lemlist node or do I have to do it via the HTTP Request node?

Hi @automatron, from quickly taking a look this would indeed require a HTTP Request node for the time being I am afraid. Luckily, the respective API seems rather straightforward.

You might also want to create a feature request to have additional fields added to the Lemlist node, so this can be implemented going forward.

Seeing as this would be a rather simple change, I have raised a PR to add the remaining fields from Lemlist’s API documentation: ⚡ Lemlist Node: Add additional fields to create: lead by that-one-tom · Pull Request #2377 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

I’ll keep you updated if and when this becomes available.

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Thanks @MutedJam. However it would be good to also have freeform fields in there. Lemlist’s API supports this - I am just tweaking the API request right now and can share this later if needed.

Basically you should be able to set the additional fields’ keys and values. So I could make a field called “Country” and have a text/expression input box like the other fields to set its value.

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Oh, I had no idea their API supports this, the documentation I had linked above only listed a handful of predefined fields (but then it also says “a JSON object with any information you want to add to the lead”):


So might be worth raising a feature request in this case to support custom fields for this node.

Thanks a lot for sharing!

Got created by @MutedJam and released with [email protected]