Level 2 course - Workflow 1

Hey there,
At the step 3, we’re asked to use the Merge node to join 2 sources (Airtable & Code node).
I’ve succeeded to pass the data to the Merge node however, it looks like the common keys don’t work as the output data is “This is an item, but it’s empty.”. So I’m stuck here before updating the Airtable with the next two fields: region & subregion.

Can anyone help me?

Hi @abenichou, welcome to the community! Perhaps you can convert the items from your sources in a way that allows comparing them using the Merge node?

Hey @MutedJam, instructions provided in n8n document don’t work even though the same workflow is applied. The common key to merge isn’t correct, I’ve succeeded to merge (apparently) but to update the Airtable now I’m struggling. Would you be able to help?

How does the data look like you’re passing on to your Airtable node? Which settings are you using on the Airtable node and which error are you seeing?

I solved the problem. The instructions weren’t correct :sweat_smile: I don’t know if it is on purpose or not but at step 3. workflow 1, the common key isn’t represented as customerCountry.


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