LimeSurvey - experiences connecting n8n?

Hi everyone

I was just putting the feelers out there to see if anyone had tried to connect n8n to LimeSurvey and to what extent they could manipulate/extract data from surveys?

Back story for those that have not used it and keen to try it: I have no affiliation with LimeSurvey whatsoever but owning a large market research company we haven’t found anything that get’s anywhere near to it for the scale and complexities that we require, even paid competitor solutions. It’s totally free and open source but like n8n they now have their own cloud paid version - which obviously I totally understand the need to make money - so its a bit harder to find the free download link which can be seen here Downloads - LimeSurvey | Open Source Survey Tool).

Thank you


Hey @spessex,

I haven’t used LimeSurvey before, so I am not sure how it works. But if they have an API, then you would be able to connect it with your workflow using the HTTP Request node.

Thanks Harshil.

I’ll endeavour to start investigating it and hopefully end up posting a workflow.

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Hey @spessex,

How is it going? Did you end up implementing it?

Hey @harshil1712 , unfortunately not as I haven’t had time yet, but it is still something I’m planning to work on (we have to as it’s our main survey system that serves 100s of major surveys a year).

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Thanks for letting me know!

If you need any help, feel free to ask us on the forum :slight_smile: