Limit number of runs

Guys, when I receive a large load of executions on my server, it gives me the error 502, is it possible for me to limit the number of executions so this doesn’t happen?

Hi there @htnrodrigues!

Have you considered using queue mode? That can help with load distribution, or checking the amount of data being stored. Might help you out here, if you aren’t already!

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Do these redis connection variables need to be added to docker-compose.yml or .env?

Hi @htnrodrigues - That depends on your own Docker setup, I personally keep everything in my docker-compose.yml file for simplicity’s sake. But if you have your own .env file, they can also be placed there.

Hey @EmeraldHerald! I saw a video on N8N’s youtube channel, is that it? or has there already been an update of the stage to be carried out? How to scale your n8n instance 🗻 - YouTube

Hi @htnrodrigues - I’m not too sure what you’re asking :sweat_smile: Are you asking if that video is an example of how to edit your Docker file?