Limit Results from RSS

I am trying to limit the result to the latest episode of a podcast rss. Couldn’t do it in the node, can someone help a noob like me with a simple function? (googled and failed multiple times) Even tried from the documentation here but it didn’t work.

There are 78 results in the Set1 node. Here is a sample of the latest result I want to use.

{"content: “Should you Buy Big Dividend Paying Stocks? ExxonMobil has a dividend yielding almost 10%. Is it risky to buy the big dividend payers or is it a golden opportunity?\r\n\r\n
“episode”: “244”

Thank for helping out!

Can you add a Function node between RSS Feed and Set1 and paste next code:
return [

This will return the first entry of the feed, instead of all items.


Thank you Miquel, putting the function before Set1 solved it!

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