Limited Votes for new n8n Features - Can I get more?

The more I use n8n the more invoiced I want to get in the project.
How does voting work when it comes to new features?

Looks like I have a very limited number of votes and should be using them sparingly :slight_smile:
Do I get more votes each month? Or 10 new votes when my feature goes live :slight_smile:

I find like I need to think 100 times before giving away such a valuable vote :slight_smile:

Any insight would be great!


I had 12 votes, Not sure how that happened unless votes were added on my behalf. I suspect the limitation on votes is to create that environment where you have to think about what is more important for you, It then makes each vote more valuable when working out what to work on.

If everyone had tens of votes I think it would dilute the request pool a bit and make it harder to work out what people actually want.

Maybe @sirdavidoff has more information on the why.

Quick Edit… Just took a look and the vote count is based on trust level so the more active you are and the longer you are here for the more votes you get :+1: