Linkedin credentials not working

When i try to verificate my account on Linkedin, the api credentials tells me that I don’t have enough credentials to validate my account.

Received following query parameters: {“error”:“unauthorized_scope_error”,“error_description”:“Scope "w_organization_social" is not authorized for your application”,“state”:“eyJ0b2tlbiI6IjhZeklzcnloLWpIUUwtQVVmc29sSGRIaUE4RHNGM2Z5YmNQbyIsImNpZCI6IjFkdW9YOG5kNnhReWx0enEifQ==”}

Hey @Samuel1,

Welcome to the community :tada:

In the credential can you disable the origanisation support option and see if that works, If you plan to post as an organisation you will need to enable the community management product in your LinkedIn application.

Ok, thanks!

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