LinkedIn Node


Linkedin has a very versatile API with which we can do a lot of automation. Is it possible to create a Node for it as setting the credentials and using its API is quite complex.


Hey @Asit_Joshi,

Is there anything in particular that you would like to see implemented. Because it is likely a rather large API, it is difficult to do everything all at once. If there are a couple of specific use cases so that the developers can get people using this node quickly with a few of the options, that would be helpful. Then, once the node is released, additional functionality can be added to the node as the need arises.


Hi @Asit_Joshi, the LinkedIn node is being worked on by the team and should be ready to release soon (still waiting for them to approve our “app” so that we can test properly). Nonetheless, as @Tephlon mentioned, it would be great for us to learn which features would be useful for you :slight_smile:


Hi @tanay

Thats great to know that its going to release soon.
Currently Im looking for the LinkedIn Auth & Share API with which we can make some automated post. :grinning: