Linking 2 tables in Notion, how to check similar text coc and update table with a relation?

Hi, I have been able to do this in but I cannot find how to do it in N8N.
I have 2 Notion imported tables Logins and Folders with no relation, I want to link them together with N8N : each row in Logins has a folder (a text code is present in the 2 of them)

I can get the 2 tables in N8N, but I cannot find how to compare the text code to find which Folder has each Login rows in order to apply the Notion relation link.

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n desktop (fully up to date)
  • Windows 11

Hey @christoph,

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What about going from the start node to both notion nodes then using a merge node where the fields match so something like this…

Thank your feedback. I have simplified my 2 tables to be easy to read and I have tested with the Merge node :

Logins table :

In Property input 1 I have added this :

Folders table :

In Property input 2 I have added this :

But I get nothing in Output.