List of Commands (functions) for n8n like in the Coda


I’ve had a lot of help lately with all sorts of commands. Thank you very much again!
For example, like this:


I understand these are all javascript commands.
I would very much like to use in work with n8n a similar reference list as the one in the Сoda.
Coda | Formula library - is a handy list of almost all the formulas that are used in the Сoda .
It helps a lot.

If I’m not a programmer, where better to look for commands that can be used in n8n and would really like examples to better understand?

Thank you!

Hey @Mikhail,

We are working on overhauling the expression editor and including things like this in a future release but for now any javascript documentation would do the job. The 2 that I think of first are JavaScript reference - JavaScript | MDN and JavaScript Reference

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