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Hi everyone

I’m just testing, and wanted to know if anyone had any experience in using their Webhooks (Webhooks | LiveChat Platform Docs & API Reference) to determine (1) if a Pre-chat Form Selection had been selected at the start of the chat, (2) if so, what the Selection was, (3) and then send that Selection info through as a conversion event to GA4?

Any help/advice would great be appreciated.


Hey @spessex,

I have not used livechat before but it sounds like the first 2 questions would be for Livechat as I would imagine they will know what data they send to the webhook, I can’t really work it out from their documentation. What I would normally do if I was working with a service is just fire the request to a test webhook and see what data I get and work it out from there.

For the third part sending data to another service once you have it will be no problem.

Thanks @Jon. I’ll have a go and see how I get on :slight_smile:

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