Local file trigger is unable to read folders from a linux system

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## What is the error message (if any)? 
When trying to add a trigger to read a folder on a linux server, (with doker) it seems to me that it cannot read 

## Information on your n8n setup - **0.192.2 ** - **Database you're using SQLite:** - **Running n8n with the execution process default:** - **Running n8n via Docker**

Hi @Renan_Magalhaes_Muss, welcome to the community!

Can you read from the path you’re using in your local file trigger node in general? E.g. when using a simple ls command through the Execute Command node?

If this also fails, chances are you haven’t configured the volume in your docker container. Depending on how exactly you run your n8n container, this would typically mean adding a parameter such as -v /path/on/host:/path/inside/docker/container to your docker run command (or adding a similar entry to the volumes: section of your docker-compose.yml file).