Logging options typo (main web site Documentation page)

Hi folks,

Please check out the following Documentation page:


Suggests warning is a valid setting for logs.level but proves not to be the case.
Should be warn

If you use warning you get Error on n8n startup as follows:

n8n_1       |     Error: logs.level: must be one of the possible values:
n8n_1       |     ["error","warn","info","verbose","debug","silent"]: value was "warning"

Hey @simon.lewis,

That is a good find, I can see that @jan has already raised it internally to our docs team so it should be fixed soon :+1:

Thanks for this! Will be fixed as part of this PR: Environment variables refresh by StarfallProjects · Pull Request #844 · n8n-io/n8n-docs · GitHub

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