Login certificate authentication webhook


I need again your advice.
Could you please tell me if there is a way to implement a certificat authentication login?
If login is ok it will grant access to a webhook.

Thanks for your help
Best regards

Hey @herrT15,

We don’t support certificates for authentication on the Webhook node, It is a bit of a rare case as not a lot of clients would use it.

It might be possible to manually build out that process but I am not sure where the best place to start would be.

oh thanks for your reply…
So nothing I can do with Spring boot or spring security…

Hey @herrT15,

You might be able to but from what I remember Spring Boot and Security are Java frameworks and n8n is Typescipt / Javascript based so they are not really interchangeable like that.

Thanks for you reply.
This is something i am not confort with so if anyone as a clue on how to implement a login process based on certificate it will be welcome :slight_smile:

hi do you think that a configuration using OpenSSL & Apache for Client Authentication will works?

It could do, there would be nothing stopping the authentication happening in a reverse proxy that passes the request on

No idea on this one?
Thanks a lot

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