Login credentials Issue on DigitalOcean n8n droplet

Hi, I have deployed n8n droplet on DigitalOcean by following a youtube tutorial but could not log into n8n droplet and chrome console displayed 401 error which I suppose was due to my login credentials error. I have tried resetting my droplet password but I still could not log in.
Does anyone experience the same issue? would appreciate any help and advice please.

Hey @Leonlyt,

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It sounds like maybe the credentials are not set properly, Did you install using docker, npm or something else?

@Jon Thanks Jon for your response and yes, it certainly sounds like credentials issue. I installed using docker on DigitalOcean droplet. Once installed, I tried logging in using n8n credentials ie. n8n user account and password but it returns 401 error code. I am new to n8n and droplet installation and followed step-by-step tutorial on Youtube. Not sure it has anything to do with N8N_BASIC_AUTH_USER and N8N_BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD in .env file as I used n8n owner credentials for these values.
Thanks again for the advice and help.

Hey @Leonlyt,

I suspect it is those values unless you set up the new user management feature.

It may be worth setting the options in the .env file to something else then restarting the docker container.

You can compare what you have with the docker compose and .env file on this page Server Setup | Docs just to make sure there is nothing wrong.

Hi @Jon,

I have not setup any new user management feature and have checked the docker-compose.yml and .env files and they both look correct. I also confirmed that my n8n login credentials were correct as I managed to manually login to n8n.io without any issues.

Hey @Leonlyt,

The credentials used for n8n are not the same as the ones for n8n.io, Are you able to share your config files with anything sensitive removed / replaced?

Hi @Jon, sorry i am new to n8n, how do i setup separate credentials for n8n if i can’t use the ones for n8n.io. Thanks

Hey @Leonlyt,

It will be the N8N_BASIC_AUTH_USER and N8N_BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD environment options that should be in the compose file and the .env file.

Hi @Jon,
Yes, i have tried using credentials as defined in N8N_BASIC_AUTH_USER and N8N_BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD to log into n8n but the issue (401 error) still persist.

Hey @Leonlyt,

That is strange, the 401 error is a fairly well defined message.

Do you have a link to the video you followed? Or if the droplet is only used for n8n you could follow the text instructions we provide which I know work.

It is a bit tricky to know what you have done and if everything is correct, can you share the compose and .env file with anything sensitive removed/replaced? You can DM them to me if you want.

HI @Jon, I have DM the files over.

Thanks again for your help.

Got them, Had a quick look and they appear to mostly be fine although the traefik part was missing some bits. I will drop a reply to what you sent me with an updated version for you.