Login to a site impossible

Brand new to N8N, I find the possibilities crazy. I would like to automate the download of my tracking file located in my personal space on this site: https://www.emryslacarte.fr/fr/connexion
I can’t connect to it via N8N. Could you help me ? How would you make your request?

Hey @SeBizarre,
welcome to the community :tada:

The access is restricted by cloudflare. I am not able to connect to this site/server and n8n has the same “problem”.

You need to change the security settings in your cloudflare panel to give n8n access.
As I don’t know your settings, I can not give you advice yet.

Also some information about your setup woulb be very helpful. What n8n instance, hosted or selfhosted. What kind of service/server is your personal space. How do you access your personal space?


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Okay okay,
that was wrong. I was blocked because of my vpn connection by cloudflare.

You need to look for something like emrys api

I may have some time in the evening to investigate any further.


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Hey @nico-kow
Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
I didn’t find any Emrys API or webhooks. I wanted to do something like web scraping with N8N to retrieve the information I would like. I am not the owner of the site. I’m just a member.
At the moment, I’m testing N8N (the test version) and I also have a self-hosted instance and the result is the same.
Thanks for your time.

Hey @SeBizarre,

Not every site will allow you to log in easily so it may be that you need to use an extra service that controls a remote browser instead. A good way to check is to try and use something like Curl / Postman to see if that can do it.

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