Loop with Multiple ifs and counters

Hi Guys, if I create a loop the “Start Loop” reference to a Date is not recognisable later.

ERROR: Date input cannot be parsed. Please recheck the value and the “From Format” field.

If I remove all the nodes in-between the Start Node and Increment Node the Date and Time node works fine (I am adding two hours), however as soon as there nodes in between it gives above error?

Can I see the expression you are using in the Star Loop node?

It is blank it gets its initial values from the “init counter”.

It has 3 values counter, fromdate and todate, the counter seems to be carried over but fromdate and to

Here you can see that the value exists in the JSON but when I use it in a function it states NOT FOUND

OK I resolved this. After calling http (Retrieve CDRs) my variable (counter) would not exist anymore. By adding a SET node after the http node to “reset” the variable needed it worked 100%

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Now I can continue building the scenario :slight_smile:

Glad that it worked. Sorry for the late response. Somehow I missed your reply.