Looping to binary data

Hi team,

How can i loop a result of IMAP node when it returns many attachments.
I want to know the extension of one of the attachments.

When i have one attachment i’m able to get the extension using these line:

item.filename = getBinaryData().attachment_0.fileName;
var name= item.filename.slice(-3);

Thanks in advance

Hey @hermanmaleiane,

You use the code snippet mentioned in our docs: JavaScript Code Snippets | Docs

This will create individual items and you can then process each of them.

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Hey @hermanmaleiane,

How are you doing? Did you find the solution?

Hi @harshil1712 !!
Thanks for your help. I was able to fix the issue.

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Thanks, @hermanmaleiane for letting me know! If you can share the solution, it would help other community members!

No problem @harshil1712 .
I’m glad to share.

This code works perfectly


    for(let i in Object.values($binary)){
          var type= Object.values($binary)[i]['fileExtension'];
          if(type =='eml'){
          return type ;
    return '';
}else {
return '';
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Thank you :sparkling_heart: