Losing a field in Airtable

Hey , guys!
So , I’m having an Airtable trigger which passes data to a Function node that generates it to JSON but I’m losing a field(Status field and bool field). In my function node I dynamically pass data from the Airtable trigger but two field just does not appear . “day off” , “in office” and “home” are buttons and the status field just show them .My fields are “Name” , “Status” , “Set in office” , “Set to home” , “Day off” , “bool”. Do you have any Idea what can that be? Here’s what i get:

"id": "recFAFGnNFd4c2eKT",
"fields": {
"Name": "Sylvana",
"Set in Office": {
"label": "Set in Office",
"Set to Home": {
"label": "Set Home",
"day off": {
"label": "day off",
"Created": "2021-02-23T16:41:25.000Z",
"Modified": "2021-02-23T16:56:27.000Z"
"createdTime": "2021-02-23T16:41:25.000Z"

Thank you!

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