Low code and user friendly software

It looks to me that every self respecting software development tool nowadys claims to be at least low-code and some even use the holy grail, aka no-code. And although most of them actually try to create user friendly and intuïtive tools, it’s actually big challenge to convert something that is complex into something that’s easy to understand and use. Although n8n is a fairly new kid on the block, it appears to me that they’ve already succeeded partially. Except when you need something out of the box and have to dive into the Function and Function Item nodes. I’m still struggling with item and items, object and arrays and converting between JSON and JavaScript. And it looks like I’m not alone. A lot of first time users have questions about data transformation.

As I did not have any idea on how to improve this, I did not write about this before. But now I think I’ve found something, and that is to stick to JSON as much as possible. There’s actually no way around learning to ‘speak’ JSON, so we might as well expand on that. I ran into a little tool called JSONata, which is a is a lightweight query and transformation language for JSON data. I’ve also found a feature request in this community.

Just my 2 cents …