Mailchimp: API Endpoint Feature Request

Hey Guys,

I’m migrating from integromat to a self hosted n8n instance - there’s one part of the Mailchimp node that I use all the time which in my scenario is almost always kicking off a customer journey via API - your node doesn’t currently have the custom API call functionality.

Is this something you’d be willing to build in? (Integromat screeny attached)


Hey @Luke_Austin,

As a temporary solution you could use the HTTP Request node, For the URL pop in the same thing that Integromat ask you for but include the full mailchimp domain. Then add the body option and assuming you are using an API Key for auth the header auth with the key in and you are away.

Untested Example

With the request itself… We consider everything it just comes down to how popular the request and node is along with what how busy the team are with current features.

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Cheers Jon, I’ll give this a bash.

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Mailchimp is part of our workflow and their documentation/api itself is a bit meh so having a dedicated n8n node would really be great. This gets my vote :blush:

EDIT: I see there is a Mailchimp node already! Yes! Need to open my eyes!