Mailchimp trigger: The requested resource could not be found

Hey guys. Seems like the mailchimp node has a problem. When i test the node manually it works perfectly but when I try to activate the workflow I get the message:

“Workflow could not be activated: The requested resource could not be found.

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 0.225.2
  • Running n8n : viaDocker

I would apreciate if anyone could help. Thanks!

Hi @Samuel, welcome to the community!

I’m very sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I gave this a go on my side, but could activate and disable workflows with the Mailchimp trigger node as expected.

I wonder if this could be a problem with the production webhook URL used by the Mailchimp node here. Can you try removing the old Mailchimp trigger node and add a new one from scratch instead?

If the issue persists, can you confirm if the webhook URL shown inside n8n is a valid and publicly accessible HTTPS URL? Like so:

And can you check whether you are seeing any webhooks in the Mailchimp UI? These would be shown under the audience settings:


Hey @MutedJam! Thanks for getting back to me.

I followed your suggestion and created a new workflow from the beginning, and it worked perfectly. The webhook listed on Mailchimp was the test one, but now I have the production one listed. I think the issue might have occurred when I tried to test my webhook before activating it, but I’m not entirely sure.

Once again, thank you for your assistance.


Huh, now that is odd. Afaik Mailchimp allows multiple webhooks, so manually running the flow should not have caused the problem (I was actually testing my own workflow manually before activating it).

Either way, I am glad to hear it’s working now, thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

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