[mailerlite] where to put in the ID of a group?

yo n8n looks the bomb! congrats!

How do I set the group ID in a mailerlite trigger node, I added my API key alright. I tried to do my homework, but couldn’t see the information in https://n8n.io/workflows/759 or here MailerLite | Docs

thank you!

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What exactly do you want to do? I have honestly no experience with mailerlite so would be important to know what you want to do and so why do you want/have-to set it.
Is quite possible that the functionality that you want did either not get implemented in n8n yet or is not possible via their API.

The API documentation of mailerlite can be found here:

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I want to do this: https://n8n.io/workflows/759 “Receive updates when a subscriber is added to a group in MailerLite”. A group is identified by the group ID. in the node I can put in the API key but I don’t know where to add the group ID and the tutorial doesn’t specify it. If I copy paste the workflow I cant see where the ID is defined either.

so the functionality definitely must exist but, as there is the tutorial with the exact thing I want to do.

Sadly there is no way to specify a specific group yet. It will fire every time a subscriber is added to any group. Either way, this is easily achieved by adding an if node after the trigger. If the webhook data includes the group id you are interested in, then move to the next step, else do nothing.

I hope that helps. If not, please let me know.


Got it! I figured it out. So essentially needed to read up a bit more!
Blown away what you guys are building with this.

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Hey @thomastraum!

If you are using a solution different from what @RicardoE105 suggested, can you please share it here? This way others with a similar issue can benefit :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish! No, I was just a NOOB and started n8n without the localtunnel… so it wasn’t reachable. As soon as I get a minute will install n8n on a server.