Mailjet: Template access restricted

I’m using the Mailjet node in different workflows to send templates. All in all I created approx. 15 transactional templates in Mailjet to cover all conversational needs.

When I’m trying to access those templates over “template ID” in the parameters, I can access only 10 of my 15 created templates that I find in Mailjet.

Why is this restriction? What can I do to access all my Mailjet templates?

I run n8n on version 0.166.0 on my heroku dyno.

This is my first thread here and I’m quite new to n8n so if there is anything missing I’m more than happy to provide helpful information.


Hey @Sebastian_Schumacher, welcome to the community :tada:

I am very sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

From the sounds of it I am almost certain we didn’t include pagination when fetching the templates and thus only fetch the first page of templates (with 10 templates). Please accept my sincere apologies for this. I’ll test this myself in the next days and will add this to our internal bug tracker if confirmed.

Until this is fixed, you could manually add an expression in the template field like so:


You can then just enter the ID of your Mailjet template in the expression editor like so:

n8n will complain if it can’t find that template in its own list, but you should still be able to execute the node and use your template.