Making n8n sustainable: paid advanced features

My company supports open source software in libraries. Our general approach is that we use and contribute to the community versions, and do our best not to fork the code (and when we do, we put it on our GitHub).

For us, the ‘secret sauce’ (aside from our passionate commitment to stellar service) is mostly our internal deployment and infrastructure support scripting, which allows us to host at scale. There is nothing in this tooling that couldn’t be manually done by anyone else, but the orchestration and automation let’s us focus our time on service.

If possible, I would recommend/request that any paid enhanced features of a hosted N8N be done in a similar way… where hosted N8N ‘connects the dots’ in a meaningful way that benefits paid customers. Anyone else could host and configure the system to do the same thing (but not as a for-profit service, without a license), but it would be an ‘exercise left to reader’ kind of task. Is it worth it to re-engineer audit logging, for example? That’s a question for the institution to ask themselves.

Phrased another way, I hope that implementing certain functionality wouldn’t be blocked for un-paid users; it would just be a project for them to undertake locally instead getting it ‘out of the box’.

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I strongly believe that debugging should be free. Making things work - is the first thing. If things doesn’t work or make them work is problematic, I won’t have a thing to earn/save money on, nothing to pay from.

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Just a random idea, might be no good and definitely in the short term does not make money but here it goes anyway.

You already have some courses. But what if there were some more courses designed for younger education, high school, college etc and you had a free education tier on
Chat with some teachers and get a quick 10 hour course curriculum made up for them to give to students.
Get em in young!

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Paid ideas:

  1. 24/7 live response priority support for a monthly fee

  2. Marketplace of paid n8n flows where n8n power users can sell templates (n8n takes a commission, naturally)

  3. Selling guest post space for new SaaS tools that would like to write articles in an n8n blog as a way to promote their service & also drive SEO juice to their tools

  4. White-label n8n plans for resellers to promote n8n as an add-on tool for their customers (the whitelabel agency market is enormous - I know this firsthand as my clients are agencies)

  5. Enterprise deals with uptime guarantees and SLAs that can allow for massive deployments / self-hosted deployments of n8n (for self hosted we’re talking kubernetes, grafana, the works) - these deals could be worth millions to the right customer