Making requests from self-hosted app

Hi everyone!
I’m new to the n8n community (also just started using self-hosted services and docker) so I’ll probably ask a very beginner question, but I need to know for sure.
I bought a domain, but due to the lack of a public IP, I decided to use the cloudflare DDNS service. But when I tried to send a request to my self-hosted n8n, I cannot connect to my router. It turned out that my ISP uses CG-NAT and therefore my configuration is not working. For this reason, I cannot get the let’s enrypt certificate.
I found the solution with, now I can verify the gmail account and access it. But here’s my question: my n8n service uses http, is it really safe to send requests to the Google API?

Hey @danielrubak,
sorry to hear that letsencrypt is not working for you. You could also use your own certificates using our Environment Variables N8N_SSL_KEY and N8N_SSL_CERT.

When n8n is internally making requests to the nodejs process will use https , so all communications between n8n and google will use https. This is also true for our Trigger nodes

because both are using the polling strategy, meaning they also make requests to at specified intervals.

So all communication between n8n and google is using https, but when you access n8n through your browser it will use http in your case.

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Thank you so much for very good explanation. I assumed that was the way it worked but I had to be sure.

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