Manual Decision Node: How to make decision making via email or webpage per workflow run?

We have a workflow whereby after a particular node, it requires a MANUAL user intervention to say proceed or not to next node/workflow. Currently I’ve done the Manual Intervention using a IF node by asking the operator to change from True to False (boolean) and it will carry on ahead.

To automate further, these are two thoughts in my mind

  1. Instread of IF node, send an email with links of YES/NO, so clicking on the link in email, it will trigger accordingly
  2. Create a STATIC webpage per workflow run with YES/NO option

So for the above options, Can we have something UNIQUE per n8n workflow run? So that I can inject this unique key to the email or web-page to identify per run? Any practical implemented examples would very useful

Any better ideas would be great

You should check out the Wait-Node and set it to “On webhook call”. That will enable exactly what you are asking for.
It creates this custom unique callback URL which you can access in your workflow via $resumeWebhookUrl. Meaning if you send for example an HTML email you can have two buttons that send a different value to that URL (the easiest would be via quary parameter, so something like this {{$resumeWebhookUrl}}?answer=YES).


thank you for the idea. Upvoted

Glad to hear that it was helpful. Have fun!

hi @jan sorry one quick query. I was testing webhook and is there a node to extract URL parameters specifically? Or should i use a IF node (or function node) to check for contains answer=YES or in similar manner?

The URL query parameters get extracted automatically so that you can then use the IF-Node to do that.