Mapping of a multi option field


I would like to link airtable to woocommerce.
Woocommerce has a field tag which is a multi option list.

My airtable field is linked to woocommerce in the following way.

I get the following error

Could you please tell me how can i map a multi option list, thank you

Information n8n setup

  • n8n version: 0.182.0
    Running n8n via [desktop app]:

Hey @Motiv_Way,

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To set a multioption you would need to create an array so it would be something like {{ [ 1,2,3 ] }}, I have just given the WooCommerce node a quick test and for me it doesn’t take the tag name and required the ID to be used.

You may need to first find the ID for the tag names before you can use them.

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Thank you very much !!!