Markdown to HTML

Hey community,

I’d like to ditch Zapier in favor of n8n but miss one critical node: markdown to html

As I understand it, someone could create such a node for everyone.

My question now is: Would I be able to do it? Is it really that complicated? I’m not a developer but I read the documentation on how to create a node and there are bunch of markdown to html projects on GitHub as well.

I mean if it would be easy, someone would already done it, right?

Any thoughts from people with far more dev experience then me?


Hello Chriso,
I just developed a n8n Node for our DMS. It is not very complicated, the tutorial is easy to understand and straight forward.
I would suggest to try it out.

The fact that is not developed today, is maybe also because n8n is relatively new on the market.


Welcome to the community @chriso

It got created. We will let you know he is released.


You‘re a god @RicardoE105 !

Hope this gets merged soonish.


Great ! Hope it will be merged soon !

Yes this is a great idea :slight_smile: hope too !