Markdown to HTML

Hey community,

I’d like to ditch Zapier in favor of n8n but miss one critical node: markdown to html

As I understand it, someone could create such a node for everyone.

My question now is: Would I be able to do it? Is it really that complicated? I’m not a developer but I read the documentation on how to create a node and there are bunch of markdown to html projects on GitHub as well.

I mean if it would be easy, someone would already done it, right?

Any thoughts from people with far more dev experience then me?


Hello Chriso,
I just developed a n8n Node for our DMS. It is not very complicated, the tutorial is easy to understand and straight forward.
I would suggest to try it out.

The fact that is not developed today, is maybe also because n8n is relatively new on the market.


Welcome to the community @chriso

It got created. We will let you know he is released.


You‘re a god @RicardoE105 !

Hope this gets merged soonish.


Great ! Hope it will be merged soon !

Yes this is a great idea :slight_smile: hope too !

Hey guys,
is there any update on that node? Seems like it is basically done but has been stuck somewhere :smiley:

Ah yes, it does not get merged because it uses the library “showdown” which has not been updated for over 2 years as the maintainer is fighting covid. We generally do not merge nodes that add new dependencies and so possible additional vulnerabilities (with some exceptions). If the library is however already out of date and we do not know if it will ever receive any updates again, is adding it simply not possible. Sorry.

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If we transform this node with the marked package, will you agree to merge it even if it’s adding a new dependency ? (and maybe vulnerabilities ?)
Or maybe have you better ideas ?