Matching Value Using Set Nodes

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Am trying to match a value from a list and need to get a Name, so what i have done is i have two set nodes in which one set node containes value from my WebHook Node and Another SET node contains list of ITEMS , it getting Pass when the value in set1 given as static, when trying to provide form Webhook getting Failed and condition goes to False can someone help here

Sample example as below

Hey @Vaithiyanathan_S, I don’t think I fully understand the problem unfortunately. Are you trying to merge the data from both Set nodes? This would be a job for the Merge node.

Or are you trying to include conditional logic in your Set nodes? You could use an expression like the one described here for that.

Sorry for that

I have an value in SET1 node which i get from my Webhook, on the same i have list of items in SET, will compare both and if the value in SET1 matches with SET from there i will make the condition as TRUE or FALSE,

So here i can able to achive it when provide my SET1 value as static, when try to provide from my WEBHOOK node it got fails

Sample workflow Below on failing condition

So you want to do something like “If this value from my first Set node appears in my second Set node, then set a continue field to true, else set the continue field to false”?

This could be achieved using a workflow like this one:

Example Workflow

The second Set node in this example uses the expression {{$json["myCheckField"] == "foo"}}. This expression will return true if the value of myCheckField equals foo, otherwise it will return false.

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