Mautic integration [GOT CREATED]

Great thanks! My plan was to release it today. Was actually also my plan yesterday and the day before but really hope I get to it today.

haha great! I’ll be waiting anxiously…

Ok before looking into anything else I released it now directly.

So is released with [email protected]


Perfect! It works like a charm.
Great thanks @jan

Happy to hear! Have a great day!

Hi there, can i find some explanation or guide about the credentials i need to ‘create’ in order to connect Mautic to N8n?

Within the n8n interface, i need to ‘add’ url, username and password. Is this the login password for Mautic? Or do i need to ‘create’ api credentials in Mautic?

Thanks in advance for your help!

That should be your regular username and password.

Hi, I’ve add mautic Credential, but in mautic’s field, only has: Email, First Name, Last Name, Primary Company, Position, Title,
Additional Fields have: Ip Address, Last Active, Owner ID

I want to add some other fields: Mobile, Address1, Address2 and tags.
Mobile is key field to create contact in my mautic site.

After that, I want to create a flow when update or insert new Google Sheets row, it will check in my mautic site, contact exists or not (via mobile field). If exists, it will update my contact with new data of fields (with tags)
If not exists, it will create new contact with fields and tags.

Hey @huuich, welcome to the community.

I just added this to my list. In the meantime you can turn the JSON parameters field on and pass the parameters you want to set (Mobile, Address1, Address2 and tags.) in the body.

To check whether the contact exists or not by the phone number I guess you can use the contact:getall and use the optional field Search. Should be set to something like mobile:thephonumber of course assuming the field you are using is called mobile.

If something does make sense or need further clarification simply get back to me. We are happy to help.

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Thank you for reply, hope to see good news from you soon.

Because I’m newbie so I investigate current n8n, I’ve installed n8n on a VPS successfully and n8n Version: 0.67.3, I’ve add Google API ok and load data from Google Sheet ok, too. But after add Mautic API, create node Mautic like picture, it shows error: “Mautic Error: Looks like I encountered an error (error #404). If I do it again, please report me to the system administrator”,
Excecute note has the same error, please show me how fix this error. Thanks!

Normally 404 means that something did not get found. So I would expect that the URL in the credentials is maybe not set to the correct value. It should be something like this:

Fort the case that this is correctly set already did I google and found this.

It seems like that may be also clearing the cache could help.

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Thanks for reply, but I’m pretty sure that the credential’s mautic is correct because with this credential I’ve use with zapier ok. I’ve cleaned cache, too.

I am not saying the credentials are incorrect, I am saying that the URL you are using could have the wrong format. It is really just supposed to be like in my example above, without any slash or path.

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Ah, you’re correct without slash, it’s ok, thank you so much!

Ah great to hear that it works now! Have fun with n8n!

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I’ve turn the JSON parameters field on and pass the parameters. But is there any ways for Mautic API only check new rows on Google Sheets, not all data from Google Sheets? I’ve think about making a new column in Google Sheet like Updated, after data on Google Sheets push to mautic and update, this column will set to 1 and use IF to filter. But I still not successfully with this idea.

Not sure if I fully understand it. I think you want know how to trigger the workflow every time a Google sheet row is either updated or added. If so, sadly that it’s currently no possible but it’s on our list.

If this does not answer your question. Simply get back to me. We are happy to hep.

One possible workaround would be to save in the static data which row was processed last and then only process the new ones. An example for something simlar can be found here where it does get used to process an RSS-Feed:

So is there any way after specific times, like 3 minute, Workflow auto execute from beginning, not care about Google sheet row is either updated or added? Cron trigger can not do this?