Meetup in The Netherlands

Hi there,

Is anybody interested in a live n8n meetup somewhere centrally in The Netherlands ( Amsterdam or Utrecht ) ?

Best regards, Dick


Hi Dick,

Of course.
Utrecht would be better though. As I am from the Eindhoven area. :sweat_smile:

ps. Amsterdam is not really centrally :innocent:

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Hi Bram,

Utrecht is indeed more centrally, although from where I’m currently living (Alkmaar), Amsterdam is more centrally for me :wink:

Not more centrally, but simply closer :rofl:

potato, potahto :grin:


This is a lovely idea! Give me a shout once you have a date in mind and I’ll see if I can combine having a beer or two with you at the :netherlands: meetup with a visit to my old home in western Germany :slight_smile:


Hi Tom, that would be nice! And you are of course very welcome, although I seriously doubt whether you speak or understand Dutch after a beer or two, but sure enough we’re going to try :wink:


If this is happening, I’m in! :slight_smile:

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Count me in!

I’m also hosting a workshop in Amersfoort next week: