Merge back items after switch/if

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Hello, I want to create a workflow that can be called by another workflow. The goal is to have some items as inputs and to output them again after some processing. The problem is that I have some if/switch nodes inside this workflow and I can’t make it output the initial list of items processed.

Please share the workflow

here is an example: the start node output 2 items, and then calls the workflow. The result of the workflow is only 1 item. This is probably due to the if statement that produces 2 runs and only the first (or last?) one is sent back as the output of the workflow.

Another idea is to use the Merge node instead of the NoOp node. But it doesn’t work because the merge node executes the two branches of the if (I don’t understand why it works like this, it’s very confusing.)

What would be the solution to have this workflow:

  • input: a list of items
  • processing with some if/switch
  • output: the same list with new properties


Ok I found a workaround using split in batches and merging using code:


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