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Hello community,

I’m creating a waterfall enrichment system.
If the email address is not found from the first provider it goes to the next one and so on and then create the contact in the CRM once it’s found.

The scenario is a webhook which is one input by time, which means only one provider will have an email output.

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Hi @TheG your workflow idea sounds good to me tbh. Which problem exactly are you having?

Hi @MutedJam,

I will enrich by waterfall and I will probably have many integration and in the merge node Ic an have only 2 inputs, i would like to have more.
Any solution in mind ?


Hi community, up

Please clarify the question, so we can help. :slight_smile:
if you want to merge a lot of data together the best might be to have a table like with baserow or google sheets or what ever you prefer and use that as a central point to add the data to.

Hi @BramKn,

As I explained above the rule is if the email address is note found continue the enrich.
Imagine : I have 4 waterfall tools.

Tool 1 : Haven’t found the email address but still will find some relevant data about the company
Tool 2 : Will not found the email address also but have more information about the company
Tool 3 : Found the email address.

The idea how can I merge those data in one simple view (unify fields) that independetly of the scenario that will happen, I can use the same expressions in the next nodes.

I hope that’s clear.

Yeah so my answer is still correct.
Use a table or application to store the data.
Then have a workflow for each tool that checks if it can enrich the known data.

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