Merge item from multiple run in one table

Hello there - Earlier this week I published about Set node and data correspondance in Airtable - #12 by fischera
@BramKn - Suggested to me the node merge bey key which was running perfectly.
Now, I’m facing another issue with the same node for another use case:
Global view:
As you can see here - Although I have 2 items as an input for my Merge node, I only end up with one item updated on my following node: Airtable.

Looking at the set node, I’ve realized that I have 2 runs:

So, I assume that the merge bey key node is only processing the first item, right?

If YES, is there a way to aggregate all the runs in one table?
I’ve tried with the aggregate node but was not sure about the fields to aggregate.

Hi @fischera

below is a function node that does this. Keep in mind you need to define the node you want to combine the data off.

Thanks, @BramKn - Very helpful as usual.
I’ve replaced the “Increment” with “Set1” as this is the node I want to aggregate and as the email field is now nested in allData replaced it with
But nom there is no more Ouput.

Any idea ?

Try using the item lists node to split the allData array

Hey @BramKn - Yes indeed!
I’m not sure it is the easiest way/logic but the first results look great :slight_smile: - THANKS !!

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