Merge - keep key matches comparing incorrect data, I think


I am pulling a list of contacts from 2 different segments in mautic, and then using the merge node to look for key matches.

The key matches are there but the merge node returns no data. I think the issue is the merge node compares the 1st record from mautic segment 1 with the 1st record from mautic segment 2. As the 2 segments are not giving the records in the same order it is not finding a match.

How can I get the merge node (or another type of node) to look at the whole data set and return key matches?

Hey @Robm,

I have just given it a quick test using some “random” numbers to see if the position matters and it doesn’t seem to make any difference (test workflow below).

It could be that the best option is to use a function node to do the merge, But I would be interested to see some sample data from the output of both Mautic nodes (just replace anything sensative) and I will be able to have a proper play.

Thank @jon

I send you the data prvtly, its just a few email addresses.

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