Merge Keep Only Matches

I guess I’m no clear on how the Merge works. I want out put to be a merge of data sets ONLY if Intake ID matches on input 1 & 2, but I keep getting errors similar

Input 1 example
[ { "Intake Id": "a0B8Z00000QrSTyUAN", "Status": "Open", "XSM Id": "f535f7c1-2d5d-42f7-a164-a47056716abf", "jfStatus": "Open - Passive", "jfSubStatus": "Investigating" }, { "Intake Id": "a0B8Z00000QrVefUAF", "Status": "Open", "XSM Id": "9a6c4229-594c-41de-b3a2-797be09530ae", "jfStatus": "Open - Passive", "jfSubStatus": "Investigating" }]

Input 2 example: [ { "Intake Id": "a0B8Z00000QrSTyUAN", "Status": "Retainer Agreement Signed", "First Called At": 44904.57777777778, "Last Called At": 44914.924305555556, "Ibex Intake Id": "INT-221209180823", "Retainer Agreement Sent": 44911.40347222222, "Retainer Agreement Signed": 44914.924305555556, "First Name": "Thomas", "Last Name": "test", "Source": "Paraquat - w" }, { "Intake Id": "a0B8Z00000QrltIUAR", "Status": "Turned Down", "First Called At": 44904.83472222222, "Last Called At": 44943.665972222225, "Ibex Intake Id": "INT-221210180932", "Turn Down Date": 44943.666666666664, "First Name": "Kevin", "Last Name": "test", "Source": "Paraquat - w" },

Hi @Philip_Wiggins

Try setting the fieldnames, not using the expression to set the value. :wink:

So it would be a fixed value of “Intake Id” in this case.


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