Merge Node with Multiple Inputs

REgarding Merge Node, provision to accept data from “multiple nodes” (and not just two) to merge the data into single
So the Feature Request is to ensure have the “Merge Node” to to be enhanced to accept multiple inputs

The idea is:

The idea is as per the question below
(Merge node: Can it accept more than 2 inputs?)
Currently, the workaround is to nest multiple Merge nodes. But this get complicated , for instance for a 8 input set, you need to have 4 + 2 + 1 nesting (i.e 7 merge nodes) which could have dealt with a single merge node.

My use case:

In my use-case, we get tickets and inputs from various systems before a workflow starts. Also during IF conditionals, there could multiple scenario which needs to be merged into single report.

It could be pretty useful but also probably pretty confusing about modes, anyway @getk don’t forget to vote request :slight_smile:

Agree. May be a separate “Merge Node” (eg Multi-Merge Node) may be better rather than modifying existing Merge Node

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It could be a specific node, which fires with a special rule. It has one input, but fires only when all incoming data flows are done. Once all the data came in, it executes simply combining all the data in the order it came to the node.

Don’t know if it’s possble. Currently a node is firing when any of data has come (from 1 or 2 arrows depending on the node type).

Hi @artildo
The Merge node can be used to wait for all inputs to finish before it goes on. Also stopping the flow if both incoming flows didn’t result in data.
Having a Merge node with more than 2 input flows would be awesome. Needs an option to only have 3 inputs and still wait for all inputs to continue.(not waiting for the 4th with 4 inputs like the switch node)

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Could be just added option like how many input or something, I don’t know all modes but for some of them could be necessary to pick “special” input