Merge not work propertly

I am having a problem with the Merge node. I drag the fields that have to match correctly but there is no output. I have other Merge and I think I have them configured the same.

Any ideas?

Hey @fval90,

What are you actually seeing seeing happen? I take it at some point the worklfow just stops is that before the split in batches starts?

I think that the Merge is where the workflow fails.

Hey @fval90,

It is probably waiting for more items before moving forwards as you have 10 items on one branch and 2 on the other.

You could probably remove the merge node and add the items from that first set node into the set node before the merge and reference the item from the Split In Batches node.

Hi @Jon

Thanks for your answer. I use the Merge node to compare both entries but only keep the second one. It is my logic to not create duplicate entries in my database.

Strange. The number of items should not matter. Can you please pin some data and then share that workflow with us so that we can reproduce and see what is going on.

Are you sure both inputs have the same datatype for the field? I see the one in screenshot is a number with a string type. So they both have to be that.


Ah good catch. Totally overlooked that the node got actually executed. If there are no valid matches then nothing would be returned.


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