Merge use case question about multiple triggers that converge to a common workflow

Hi there! Maybe I’ve missed the node or didn’t find the way to use merge but I was wondering. Here an example…

For a one way sync, I have a webhook upon entry update that call the workflow and proceeds the data. For now, it’s all good.

But then sometime the webhook trigger so many time that n8n can’t keep up (I’ll upgrade to postgre to help with that) so anyway long story short

I’d like to had a Cron job listing all the entry and with that list complete the workflow.

How can I merge the information from the two trigger knowing that just one will have information?

Hey @ZeFish,

If you have 2 different triggers each workflow would run on it’s own so would be unaware of the data from the other one. What you could do is use a database to store the data then check that database for new items to process but this all depends on what you are actually doing in the workflows.

I see! I also thought about splitting the workflow.

Thank you for the reply!

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