Metabase <> Notion database

Hello n8n community and happy new year!

I’m trying to connect a Notion database to Metabase in order to build questions using my data on Notion.
I’m wondering if there is an easy way to do so?

Thanks a lot!

Hey @Barberg,

It has been a while since I have used Metabase but I don’t think a notion database is a supported datasource. What you would have to do is create a workflow to sync the data between notion and a database like Postgres or MySQL then run your query on that data.

To get a rough idea on how a sync could work we have a handy blog post here: How to synchronize data between two systems – n8n Blog

Thanks for the quick reply Jon!
Do you think it would be easier using a google sheet instead of a notion database perhaps? Or would it be the same issue?

Hey @Barberg,

That depends on if Metabase lets you use a Google Sheet as a database for a query. Looking at the Metabase website you can use any of these: Data Sources | Metabase

It is possible that I have misunderstood what you are trying to do though, Are you trying to store questions and results in Notion or is the data you want to have Metabase query in Notion?

The data is in Notion yes. The end goal is to visualise this data on Metabase

Perfect I was thinking the right thing, So yeah sadly Metabase has a limited amount of datasources you can use so you would need to find one that they support then you can do a little sync between notion and that source mostly so that you can keep working from notion then you can query that second source from Metabase and all is good.

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Got it thank you so much for your help it’s super clear!

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