Microsoft 365 Personal nodes

I recognized right now all Microsoft nodes are only usable for professional office subscriptions with app registration within Azure AD.

For personal use this gets a bit expensive. :wink:
I would like to see nodes for private office accounts
(At least onedrive and
That would be terrific

@Cyber40014 welcome to the community.

Ok, can you please elaborate or point me out to a resource where I can understand how the implementation is different for personal accounts? It should be no different in my mind.


Well, to use the oauth api authentication the n8n wiki mentions Azure AD as requirement, where you shall create an app registration.

This is only available for business users. As personal user or with family subscription you won‘t have access to that possibility.

What you still can use - at least it seems like that - is graph api

You can create an app in Azure AD for free as far as I know.

Well, let us play that through :slight_smile:

  1. Register on for an account
  2. pay for your personal office 365 subscription.

Where you will have access with Azure AD with that?
There must be a reason lots of other services which support accounts and work or school (organizational accounts) provide two separate connectors, including MS own solution.

You won’t have a domain or Azure AD access by the time you registered and paid a personal or family subscription from what I know.

Sure, Azure AD has a free license and is included into a business subscriptions. But even the basic business subscription differes hugely from the personal or family subscriptions (by functionality and price.)

Indeed, while you manage your access for applications for all o365 accounts related to an organization etc. within azure AD, you will manage these for a personal subscription within
-> Privacy -> (scroll all the way down) -> Apps and Services that can access your data.