Microsoft Excel Online - How to find the workbook and table?

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I am now testing a workflow, in wich I retrieve some information from a web page with different HTTP requests. The last node of my workflow is a “SET” node, in order to get all these data ordered and filtered.

The collected information should then be inserted into a table of an excel file I saved in my sharePoint.
To do so, I firstly registered the application in the “Azure portal” as explained in the documentation. I suppose that every “microsoft node” needs one single registration in the portal right?
But my questions are: How do n8n knows where to find the right workbook or table? Is there any admin issue I should be aware of? (I am allowed to register the applications in Azure but I always need an admin confirmation to get access/connection for my node).

For now I am finding no items in the excel node (see pictures) even though it seems connected.

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Hey @lcda1,

There seems to be a bug with the node. I connected my account and tried the Get All operation, but no workbook got returned.

@RicardoE105, can you look into this?

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