Migrate Integromat Scenarios to n8n Workflows

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We make heavy use of Integromat and are considering n8n as an alternative. Is it possible to ‘migrate’ or ‘import’ an exported Integromat Scenarios into n8n in some way?

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Hey @Mark_Spencer,

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We don’t have anything to convert or import from Integromat / Make, do you have a small example scenario / export you can DM me so I can take a look at the data structure?

Hi @Jon how do I DM you. Sorry for my ignorance!

I have just sent you one that you should be able to reply to, it will be a green icon on the top right corner.

The normal way would be to click on my name and there should be an option but I don’t think we have it enabled for new users.

Hi Jon, is it possible for you to DM me? I have the same question and would like some info on the topic?

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Hi Jon, could I also contact you about this topic?

Hey @Michal_Rosecky,

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You can always ask, It was initially out of curiosity so see the structure of the scenarios. There still isn’t an automated way to convert them over so it would be a case of building out the workflows again or chatting with one of our experts if you needed help doing it.