Minimum Policy Requirements for AWS SNS Trigger

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Hi, I am trying to use the AWS SNS Trigger but I could not find a list of permissions/scopes it need to work with AWS. I want to keep the IAM policy as limited as I can.

Can someone point me to any docs or code where I can look for this information?

TLDR: IAM policy requirements for AWS SNS Trigger.

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Hey @faheem,

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I am not sure how AWS scopes work but you can find the code for the node here: n8n/AwsSnsTrigger.node.ts at master · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

Thanks, Jon. My use-case was very simple and I decided to go with a simple Lambda function instead.

But for anyone with the same question, the node only needs access to these actions.

  1. ListTopics
  2. ListSubscriptionsByTopic
  3. Subscribe
  4. Unsubscribe
  5. ConfirmSubscription

Here is the AWS doc for these actions.

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