Modification in nb of active workflows for cloud pricing


I just realized that the number of workflows has significantly reduced for cloud pricing:

  • from 20 to 5 active workflows (start plan)
  • from 100 to 10 active workflows (pro plan)

This is really a major change and I was pretty surprised to discover that this appeared without any proper announcement or thread on the forum. (as it is the case for changes in self-hosted conditions).

Is this applying only to new clients or is it retroactive for all customers ? What if we subscribed to the pro plan with the old conditions?

n8n was chosen for one of my clients in December among several other tools, in particular on this criterion of 100 workflows / 15,000 executions on the pro plan, and it is frustrating (and uncomfortable) to discover the price changes without proper communication or notice, nor transition period. It is also not necessarily reassuring to say that if this situation has happened, it can happen again in the future.

It’s a pity because technically I really like the tool, but the stability of a publisher’s commercial policy is a key element when a company wants to train its employees and invest in a tool that it will use for many years.

A better anticipated communication would have been welcome. It does not call into question the great work that the n8n team does, nor the quality of the tool.

Hi @Yoann, I don’t think this will affect existing customers, but maybe @romain-n8n can confirm the exact details around this change and share some background?

Hi Yoann,

Those new quota are not enforced yet and will not impact existing customers.



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