Modifyting wait node timer

Is there a way to modify the wait timer of a running node?

I have a scenario where, my workflow started and it contains a wait node (1 hour waiting) and after that it will execute an action. But sometimes, It has to wait more time. As of now I am just stopping the running execution and performing that last action manually. So just checking if there is a way.

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Hi @mahesh

Please share your use case.

Using Webhook node won’t help in your case?

The tool doesn’t support webhook yet. May be i need to use some 3rd party webhook and modify wait node to call on the webhook. I am checking is there is any other possible other than webhook wait call and continue.

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Okay, I’m just sharing what’s in my mind.

You can have the URL somewhere like in the Airtable or Google Sheets and use the cron node to check whether the data is available or not.

If it’s available you can proceed further in the workflow.

You can set a random intervals for the CRON Node.

Thanks, I will check that