MongoDB insert data?

How to create a node that insert data into MongoDB?

It depends on what you mean with the word “create”. If you want to program one you can check out the Postgres-Node here that should get you started:

If you mean “create” in the Editor-UI now, then sadly not at all as it does not exist yet.

Btw. As mentioned in the documentation I advise everybody to use Postgres as a database for n8n and not Mongo.

I want to have a free Postgres Database, but I cannot find that. Instead, MongoDB Atlas has free tier :slight_smile:

So I will try to use airtable instead. Thanks.

Ah ok. Then just avoid dots in node names and make sure you do not save executions that contain a lot of data.

Have good news here. @Luca_Faggianelli created an integration for MongoDB.

It got released with [email protected]