Monica Personal CRM Intergration [GOT CREATED]

Monica is a Open source personal CRM. “Monica helps you organize the social interactions with your loved ones.” Could you integrate Monica with n8n?

Can you please share what functionality you would require exactly. Their API (like most others) is very large and integrating all would not be feasible. Normally only a very small part is required by 90% of the users. So it is important to know what you would need. Thanks!

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CRUD Contacts will be a pretty nice start for this.

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I think those functionalities are required (by order)
Contact Fields
Contact Field Types
Activity types
Activity type categories
Journal entries
Relationship Types
Relationship Type Groups

Thank you @jan

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Got created. We will let you know when it’s released.


Fantastic, how can I try this before stable release? My n8n site install via docker server, can I update to develop version? If yes, which command should I use on docker n8n server?

You can create a custom docker image. From there, you can either push that image to your own docker registry and reference it in your docker-compose file or run it locally.

You can create the custom image as shown below:

To create the custom image, you do:

git clone

git checkout monicacrm-node && cd n8n

docker build -t n8n:momica-crm -f ./docker/images/n8n-custom/Dockerfile .

docker run -it --rm --name n8n -p 5678:5678 -v ~/.n8n:/home/node/.n8n n8n:momica-crm

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@RicardoE105 Thanks for your guide, I’ve install n8n with Server Setup follow this guide Server Setup | Docs
I’ve try edit docker-compose.yml with

    image: n8nio/n8n:momica-crm

but when run docker-compose up -d it shows error:

ERROR: for n8n  manifest for n8nio/n8n:momica-crm not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown
ERROR: manifest for n8nio/n8n:momica-crm not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

What should I do to try?

You can use the docker image n8nio/n8n:PR-2045-monicacrm-node

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@jan Thank you, I’ve see Monica Node now but I’ve used Monica on my own server. When create Monica CRM API doesn’t have option to custom domain like So with successful Monica API use Header Auth like this picture

And query

But I still could not use with Monica CRM API, it shows error: Authorization failed. Could you check again?

And I have a small request option is when get information from Monica site, has option “Sort Order:” like Google Contact node like this picture, @RicardoE105

Thank you for create awesome app like n8n!

Ok fixed both issues. You can now add domain in the credentials and you can also sort records when getting all contacts.

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@RicardoE105 Thank you for quick fixes, could you update new docker or guide how to apply new fix code to running server setup follow this guide @jan Server Setup | Docs
Thank you!

Got released with [email protected]

So you can now use the docker image: n8nio/n8n:0.133.0


It works like a charm, thank you!

@RicardoE105 Could you add option Get all for: Conversation and Contact Field

And can you add option Sort like Contact when get all: Ascended Created at, Descended Created at, Ascended Updated at, Descended Updated at: Activity, Call, Contact Field, Conversation, Journal Entry, Note, Reminder, Note, Tag, Task.

Thank you!

The API does not allow sorting in those resources. That is why I only added it to the contact resource.

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@RicardoE105 Thank you, so about option Get all for: Conversation and Contact Field could add?

Sure. Make a separate feature request.

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